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dc.description.abstractThe study will explore the relationship between consumers and Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM). The paper has three main aims; exploring the level of influence particular sources have on consumers, discovering motivations behind contribution to eWOM as well as exploring the impact in which eWOM has on consumers purchasing intentions. Research into the topic of eWOM suggested there was limited literature into the comparison of eWOM sources, therefore this study aims to close this gap. This study is people-based and uses a non-probability questionnaire to gather its sample. It was established that based on the three determinants of attitudes towards sources, information usefulness and credibility of source, that familiar sources of eWOM on social media were more influential on consumers than anonymous sources on other platforms. Eight motivations behind contributing to eWOM were identified. Finally, this study concluded that positive eWOM has a positive impact on consumers purchasing intentions and eWOM from familiar social media user has a higher impact on consumers purchasing intentions than from anonymous users.en
dc.titleWord of mouth in a digital age: The influence of Electronic Word of Mouth on Consumersen

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