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dc.description.abstractCultural organisations are frequently required to justify what they do by establishing a firm sense of who they are. Being able to articulate their sense of self has become an increasing priority, understanding what is central, enduring and distinctive about their organisation. The literature describes this as organisational identity and states that having a clear sense of this notion is crucial to strategic planning processes. With cultural organisations subjected to increased elements of change as the cultural sector continues to cogitate means of survival, understanding and strengthening organisational identity could mitigate against potential organisational dysfunction. Therefore, cultural leaders may strengthen their organisations by striving to nurture and support processes relating to organisational identity. This study aims to explore the notion of organisational identity as a factor in change management that may prove integral to effective cultural leadership. It will look at these two notions with specific reference to community-led arts organisations, profiling mini case studies as a means to create discussion. The study will further look at which organisational members are involved in organisational identity decision-making and the consequences of this. Lastly, conclusions will be established by drawing hypothesis on the themes explored and final recommendations will be set out as next steps for the cultural sector.en
dc.titleThe notion of change explored through the lens of organisational identity: A study of four community-led arts organisations in Scotlanden

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