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dc.contributor.authorVan de Peer, Stefanieen
dc.contributor.editorMarcus, Geethaen
dc.contributor.editorVan de Peer, Stefanieen
dc.identifier.citationMarcus, G. and Van de Peer, S. (eds) (2023) Anti-racism in education: stories of growing activism. Critical Publishing.en
dc.descriptionStefanie Van de Peer - ORCID: 0000-0003-3152-2912
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dc.description.abstractA powerful book comprising stories of anti-racist action by higher education scholars including researchers and teachers at various stages of their careers. Aimed at and relevant for anyone in education, it encourages reflection on the tolerance of racist structures and strategies to help enact positive change. An edited volume, each chapter discusses the author's experiences of racism including how they became part of anti-racist teaching activism through a growing understanding of the impact of racism in education. Common themes are highlighted throughout so readers can engage with relevant ideas and issues to draw inspiration for their own anti-racist action. The book draws attention to the idea that while discussion is welcome, it should be a pre-cursor to focused action. The aim is to show exactly how university lecturers, teachers and anyone involved in education can contribute in a meaningful way to the change that is needed. To promote critical thinking, each chapter includes challenging questions and suggested additional readings/resources.
dc.publisherCritical Publishingen
dc.titleAnti-racism in Education: Stories of Growing Activismen
qmu.authorVan de Peer, Stefanieen

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