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    • Scottish women playwrights against zero visibility : new voices breaking through 

      Horvat, Ksenija (Grenoble : G.D.R. Etudes ecossaises, Universite Stendhal Grenoble, 2005-01)
      Horvat was invited to contribute an article on the writing of Scottish women playwrights for the 2005 issue called La Reputation of the double-peer reviewed journal Etudes Ecossaises based at University Stendhal-Grenoble. ...
    • Genet's The Maids : performativity in performance 

      Eldridge, Lizzie (intellect, 2005-08)
      The notion of performativity has become a significant means of understanding the construction of sexual and gendered identities. Ironically, the same concept has posed certain problems for theatre studies because of the ...
    • Papermaking on the Water of Leith 

      Bromage, Sarah; Finkelstein, David; McCleery, Alistair (Birlinn Press, 2006)
      Up until the mid twentieth century the Water of Leith was an important industrial centre for Edinburgh, particularly in papermaking. At the height of industrial production there were 76 mills at work along this 24-mile ...
    • Introduzione al storia del libro 

      Finkelstein, David; McCleery, Alistair (Edizioni Sylvestre Bonnard, 2006)
      Italian translation of An Introduction to Book History, Finkelstein, David and Alistair McCleery (2005).
    • Imagining Alexandria : sightseeing in a city of the mind 

      Dunn, David (Multilingual Matters, 2006)
      Alexandria is familiar in the West it is largely as the fictional city of Durrell and others, a city with a glorious ancient past which had been subsumed into a more recent cosmopolitan decadence. Yet it lacks the visual ...
    • Singular encounters : mediating the tourist destination in British television holiday programmes 

      Dunn, David (Sage, 2006)
      There are close links between the tourist gaze and the gaze of the television camera, and British television holiday programmes have conventionally privileged the scopic in their representations of the tourist destination. ...
    • Print Culture and the Blackwood Tradition, 1805-1930. 

      Finkelstein, David (University of Toronto Press, 2006)
      In late 1804, William Blackwood established a small publishing and bookselling firm in Edinburgh. Over the next 175 years, William Blackwood & Sons became one of the leading publishers in Britain, enjoying both local and ...
    • Literature and the Screen Media since 1908 

      Butt, Richard (Edinburgh University Press, 2006)
    • The book history reader ( 2nd revised edition ) 

      Finkelstein, David; McCleery, Alistair (Routledge, 2006)
      Since the invention of the printing press in the fifteenth century, books and print culture have been central to the shaping of culture and society. The Book History Reader is the first comprehensive volume to bring together ...
    • Cultural studies and post-Marxism. 

      Valentine, Jeremy (Edinburgh University Press, 2006)
    • Editing Blackwood's : or, what do editors do? 

      Patten, Robert L.; Finkelstein, David (University of Toronto, 2006)
      In late 1804, William Blackwood established a small publishing and bookselling firm in Edinburgh. Over the next 175 years, William Blackwood & Sons became one of the leading publishers in Britain, enjoying both local and ...
    • Assessing the quality of police services using SERVQUAL 

      Donnelly, Mike; Kerr, Neil J.; Rimmer, Russell; Shiu, Edward M. (Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, 2006-01)
      Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to explore the application of the SERVQUAL approach to assess the quality of service of Strathclyde Police in Scotland. Measuring service quality in public services is fraught with ...
    • Edinburgh International Book Festival 

      Finkelstein, David (Edinburgh University Press, 2007)
    • Scottish Poetry Library 

      Finkelstein, David (Edinburgh University Press, 2007)
    • The future of the book in Scotland 

      Finkelstein, David; McCleery, Alistair (Edinburgh Universoty Press, 2007)
    • Rethinking the music industry 

      Williamson, John; Cloonan, Martin (2007)
      This article examines a very basic question for popular music studies: what is 'the music industry?' It surveys the usage of the term in various arenas and argues that it is often used in ways which state or imply that the ...
    • The Competitors 

      Butt, Richard (Edinburgh University Press, 2007)
      At the start of the twentieth century the Scottish press was well established while cinema was an emerging cottage industry. By the century's end the mass media had become a highly organised force with profound social and ...
    • Edinburgh History of the Book in Scotland, vol. 4. Professionalism and diversity, 1880-2000 

      Finkelstein, David; McCleery, Alistair (Edinburgh University Press, 2007)
      In this volume a range of distinguished contributors provide an original analysis of the book in Scotland during a period that has been until now greatly under-researched and little understood. The issues covered by this ...
    • The professionalisation of publishing 

      Finkelstein, David (Edinburgh University Press, 2007)