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    • Can music lessons increase the performance of preschool children in IQ tests? 

      Kaviani, H.; Mirbaha, H.; Pournaseh, M.; Sagan, Olivia (Springer-Verlag, 2014)
      The impact of music on human cognition has a distinguished history as a research topic in psychology. The focus of the present study was on investigating the effects of music instruction on the cognitive development of ...
    • Can participatory research be a route to empowerment? A case study of a disadvantaged Scottish community 

      Titterton, M.; Smart, H. (2008-01)
      The growth of participatory research in recent years has been notable. This paper considers its potential for empowering disadvantaged communities and providing a route for overcoming social exclusion. Problems of definition ...
    • Cancer-related psychosocial research: What are the perspectives of cancer care centre users on participation? 

      Hepworth, J.; Robertson, A. R. R.; Jhunjhunwala, A.; Jarvis, G. C.; McVittie, Chris (Springer Verlag, 2011-07)
      Purpose To explore the perspectives of cancer care centre users on participation in psychosocial research to inform research design and ethics. Methods The study is based on a qualitative research design. Fourteen ...
    • Canonical knowledge and common culture: In search of curricular justice 

      Wrigley, Terry (Universidade do Minho, 2017)
      This paper engages with a growing discussion about social justice as applied to school curricula. It examines claims made both for canonical knowledge from established academic disciplines and for the everyday experience ...
    • Care provision in Scotland: background, policy context and research. 

      Dewar, Belinda; O'May, Fiona; Walker, Esther (RCN, 2003-02)
      In a two-part article about care of older people in Scotland, Belinda Dewar and colleagues report on a study designed to explore the views of specific groups on the provision of free personal care for older people.
    • Care provision in Scotland: experiences of services and priorities for improvement. 

      Dewar, Belinda; O'May, Fiona; Walker, Esther (Royal College of Nursing, 2003-03)
      Last month Belinda Dewar and colleagues gave the background and policy context of a research study looking at the views of recipients of free care. This month they consider older people's accounts of care tasks important ...
    • Categorical proactive interference effects occur for faces 

      Darling, Stephen; Martin, Douglas; Macrae, C. Neil (2010-11)
      Recent research has demonstrated that proactive interference (PI) between the names of familiar individuals in a memory task is category specific, and that subsequent release from proactive interference (RPI) is a useful ...
    • Categorical proactive interference effects occur for faces. 

      Darling, Stephen; Martin, Douglas; Macrae, C. Neil
    • Catholics and the 2014 referendum 

      Gilfillan, Paul (Open House, 2015-08)
      As a sociologist interested in the question whether Scottish Catholics have a preferential constitutional option for their nation, I undertook some empirical research before the 2014 Referendum among older working-class ...
    • Characteristics of eyewitness identification that predict the outcome of real lineups 

      Valentine, Tim; Pickering, Alan; Darling, Stephen (2003)
      Data were analysed from 640 attempts by eyewitnesses to identify the alleged culprit in 314 lineups organised by the Metropolitan Police in London. Characteristics of the witness, the suspect, the witness's opportunity to ...
    • Characterizing visual behaviour in a lineup task 

      Mansour, Jamal K.; Lindsay, R. C. L.; Brewer, N.; Munhall, K. G. (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 2009)
      Eye tracking was used to monitor participants' visual behaviour while viewing lineups in order to determine whether gaze behaviour predicted decision accuracy. Participants viewed taped crimes followed by simultaneous ...
    • Child welfare inequalities in the four nations of the UK 

      Bywaters, Paul; Scourfield, Jonathan; Jones, Chantel; Elliott, Martin; Hooper, Jade; McCartan, Claire; Shapira, Marina; Bunting, Lisa; Daniel, Brigid (Sage Publishing, 2018-09-11)
      Comparative International data on patterns of inequality in child welfare interventions, for example, the proportion of children about whom there are substantiated child protection (CP) concerns or who are in out-of-home ...
    • Children’s humor types and psychosocial adjustment 

      Fox, Claire; Hunter, Simon C.; Jones, Sian (Elsevier, 2015-10-22)
      Attempting to understand how humor styles relate to psychological adjustment by correlating these two constructs fails to address the emerging understanding that individuals use combinations of humor styles, and that ...
    • Children’s social appraisal of exclusion in friendship groups 

      Jones, Sian; Rutland, Adam (Springer, 2019-05-16)
      Previous research has shown that group processes are particularly pertinent to children’s bullying, and who they socially exclude and include. This paper looks at how children’s responses to social exclusion change according ...
    • Class and culture: Sources of confusion in educational sociology 

      Wrigley, Terry (Institute for Education Policy Studies, 2013-03-31)
      This paper reiterates the centrality of economics (relations of production) in Marxist models of class, while avoiding the crude determinism which results from a neglect of cultural aspects of class formation. It explores ...
    • Climate justice education: From social movement learning to schooling 

      McGregor, Callum; Scandrett, Eurig; Christie, Beth; Crowther, Jim (Routledge, 2018-11-01)
      In recent years, the insurgent discourse of climate justice has offered an alternative to the dominant discourse of sustainable development, which has arguably constructed climate change as a global 'post-political' problem, ...
    • Climate Justice: Contested Discourse and Social Transformation 

      Scandrett, Eurig (Emerald, 2016-08-15)
      Purpose: This paper aims to argue that climate justice constitutes a contested discourse reflecting the material interests of social groups that contribute to its production. For climate justice to have integrity, it must ...
    • Closing the attainment gap: What can schools do? 

      Marcus, Geetha (Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe), 2016-08-19)
      This briefing highlights five guiding principles and six key strategies, gathered from evidence-based educational research, that have been proved effective in closing the attainment gap both nationally and internationally.
    • Cocreation or Collusion: The Dark Side of Consumer Narrative in Qualitative Health Research 

      Pascal, J.; Sagan, Olivia (SAGE, 2016-08-11)
      Health, mental health and social care policy are dominated by the imperative of employing person-centred approaches. Such involvement of the 'consumer' is generally claimed to provide a counter-narrative to the psychiatric ...