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dc.contributor.editorBell, Bill
dc.contributor.editorBrake, Laurel
dc.contributor.editorFinkelstein, David
dc.identifier.citation(2000) Nineteenth-Century Media and the Construction of Identities, , , no. 387, , Basingstoke
dc.descriptionPart I: Discourses of Journalism Editorial Identity and Textual Interaction inTit-Bits --Kate Jackson Intimacy and Abstraction in the Rhetoric of the New Journalism--Richard Salmon Journalistic Discourses and Constructions of Modern Knowledge--Kate Campbell Annuals and Cultural Democracy--Margaret Linley Part II: The Reader in Text and Image Education of the Gaze and The London Journal --Andrew King From Street Ballad to Penny Magazine--Michael Hancher Popular Periodicals and the March of Intellect in the 1820s and 1830s--Brian E. Maidment Reading the Correspondence Columns in Woman 1890-1910--Lynne Warren Part III: Writers/Authors/Journalists Dickens as Serial Author--Robert L. Patten Authorship, Gender and Power in Victorian Culture--Alexis Easley Margaret Oliphant's Journalism--Joanne Shattock Israel Zangwill's Early Journalism and the Formation of an Anglo-Jewish Literary Identity--Meri-Jane Rochelson Part IV: Negotiating Gender America's First Feminist Magazine--Amy Beth Aronson The British Newspaper Press and the Divorce Court--Anne Humphreys Saint Paul's Magazine and the Project of Masculinity--Mark W. Turner Defining the Sixpenny Reading Public in the 1890s--Margaret Beetham Gay Discourse and The Artist and the Journal of Home Culture --Laurel Blake Part V: National and Ethnic Identity Thomas Campbell Foster and the British Reportage on the Irish Famine 1845-1849--Leslie Williams The Nineteenth Century Media and Welsh Identity--Aled Jones Constructing a Scottish Identity for Blackwood's Magazine --David Finklestein The Creation of the Modern Newspaper Reading Public in Nineteenth Century France--Dean de la Motte The Virtual Reading Communities of the London Journal, The New York Ledger and The Australian Journal --Toni Johnson-Woods
dc.description.abstractThis collection of important new research in 19th-century media history represents some salient, recent developments in the field. Taking as its theme, the ways the media serves to define identities-national, ethnic, professional, gender, and textual, the volume addresses serials in the UK, the US, and Australia. High culture rubs shoulders with the popular press, text with image, feminist periodicals and masculine, gay, and domestic serials. Theory and history combine in research by scholars of international repute.
dc.titleNineteenth-Century Media and the Construction of Identities

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