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dc.contributor.editorFinkelstein, David
dc.contributor.editorPeers, Douglas Mark
dc.identifier.citation(2000) Negotiating India in the Nineteenth-Century Media, , , no. 285, , Basingstoke
dc.description'A Great System of Circulation': Introducing India into the Nineteenth Century Media--David Finkelstein & Douglas M. Peers Institutionalizing Imperial Reform: The Indian Magazine and Late-Victorian Colonial Politics--Antoinette Burton Issues of Race, Gender, Nation in Englishwomen's Domestic Magazine and Queen, 1850-1900--Nupur Chaudhuri 'Half-Caste Bob' or Race and Caste in the Late Victorian Boys' Story Paper--Kelly Boyd The Story of Our Lives: The Moonstone and the Indian Mutiny in All the Year Round --Hyungji Park 'Double-Dyed Traitors and Infernal Villains': Illustrated London News, Household Word, Charles Dickens and the Indian Rebellion--Laura Peters Narratives of Progress and Idioms of Community: Two Urdu Periodicals of the 1870s--Javed Majeed 'Strange Medley[s]': Ambiguities of Role, Purpose, and Representation in Kipling's From Sea to Sea --John McBratney Representing the Technology of the Raj in Britain's Victorian Periodical Press--A. Martin Wainwright The Army in India and the Military Periodical Press, 1830-1898--T.R. Moreman Was there an Oriental Renaissance in Medicine? The Evidence of the Nineteenth-Century Medical Press--Mark Harrison 'Purple Prose and the Yellow Press: Imagined Spaces and The Military Expedition to Tirah, 1897'--Glen R. Wilkinson
dc.description.abstractThis collection of twelve original essays is the first concerted attempt to examine representations of India in the 19th-century media. It offers analyses of a representative sampling of contemporary media publications produced in India as well as in Britain between 1840 and 1900. The result contributes to ongoing analyses of the complex cultural relations between metropole and periphery in imperial systems.
dc.publisherMacmillan Press
dc.titleNegotiating India in the Nineteenth-Century Media

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