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    • Recording speech articulation in dialogue: Evaluating a synchronized double Electromagnetic Articulography setup 

      Geng, Christian C.; Turk, Alice; Scobbie, James M.; Macmartin, Cedric; Hoole, Philip; Richmond, Korin; Wrench, Alan A.; Pouplier, Marianne; Bard, Ellen Gurman; Campbell, Ziggy; Dickie, Catherine; Dubourg, Eddie; Hardcastle, William J.; Kainada, Evia; King, Simon; Lickley, Robin; Nakai, Satsuki; Renals, Steve; White, Kevin; Wiegand, Ronny (Elsevier, 2013-08-28)
      We demonstrate the workability of an experimental facility that is geared towards the acquisition of articulatory data from a variety of speech styles common in language use, by means of two synchronized electromagnetic ...
    • The Edinburgh Speech Production Facility DoubleTalk Corpus 

      Scobbie, James M.; Turk, Alice; Geng, Christian; King, Simon; Lickley, Robin; Richmond, Korin (International Speech Communication Association, 2013-08-25)
      The DoubleTalk articulatory corpus was collected at the Edinburgh Speech Production Facility (ESPF) using two synchronized Carstens AG500 electromagnetic articulometers. The first release of the corpus comprises orthographic ...
    • Dynamical system modelling of articulator movement 

      King, Simon; Wrench, Alan A. (1999)
      We describe the modelling of articulatory movements using (hidden) dynamical system models trained on Electro-Magnetic Articulograph (EMA) data. These models can be used for automatic speech recognition and to give insights ...