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    • Magnitude estimation of disfluency by stutterers and nonstutterers 

      Russell, Melanie; Corley, Martin; Lickley, Robin (Routledge, 2005-02)
      Everyone produces disfluencies when they speak spontaneously. However, whereas most disfluencies pass unnoticed, the repetitions, blocks and prolongations produced by stutterers can have a severely disruptive effect on ...
    • Judgment of disfluency in people who stutter and people who do not stutter : Results from magnitude estimation. 

      Lickley, Robin; Hartsuiker, Robert J.; Corley, Martin; Russell, Melanie; Nelson, Ruth (Kingston Press Services, 2005)
      Two experiments used a magnitude estimation paradigm to test whether perception of disfluency is a function of whether the speaker and the listener stutter or do not stutter. Utterances produced by people who stutter ...
    • Are adults who stammer too sensitive? 

      Lickley, Robin; Russell, Melanie; Corley, Martin (British Stammering Association., 2002-09)
      New research is suggesting that one of the reasons people stammer is that they're overly concerned about speaking fluently - they try too hard to monitor their speech for minor errors and are too strict about what is acceptable.