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    • Intonation development from five to thirteen. 

      Wells, Bill; Pepp, Sue JE; Goulandris, Nata (Cambridge University Press, 2004-12)
      Research undertaken to date suggests that important developments in the understanding and use of intonation may take place after the age of 5;0. The present study aims to provide a more comprehensive account of these ...
    • Temporal markers of prosodic boundaries in children's speech production. 

      Dankovicova, Jana; Pigott, Kathryn; Wells, Bill; Pepp, Sue JE (Cambridge University Press, 2004)
      It is often thought that the ability to use prosodic features accurately is mastered in early childhood. However, research to date has produced conflicting evidence, notably about the development of children's ability to ...
    • Intonation Abilities of Children with Speech and Language Impairments 

      Wells, Bill; Pepp, Sue JE (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association., 2003-02)
      Intonation has been little studied in children with speech and language impairments, although deficits in related aspects of prosody have been hypothesized to underlie specific language impairment. In this study a new ...