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dc.contributor.authorGibbon, Fiona
dc.contributor.authorHardcastle, William J.
dc.contributor.authorCrampin, Lisa
dc.contributor.authorReynolds, Beverly
dc.contributor.authorRazzell, Roz
dc.contributor.authorWilson, Jan
dc.identifier.citationGibbon, F., Hardcastle, W.J., Crampin, L., Reynolds, B., Razzell, R. and Wilson, J. (2001) ‘Visual feedback therapy using electropalatography (EPG) for articulation disorders associated with cleft palate’, Asia Pacific Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing, 6(1), pp. 53–58. Available at:
dc.descriptionFull text articles not yet available online.(May 2011)
dc.description.abstractThis study investigates the effects of visual feedback therapy using electropalatography (EPG) on abnormal /t/ and /s/ tongue–palate contact patterns in children and young adults with articulation disorders associated with repaired cleft palate. Twelve subjects were randomly assigned to one of two treatment regimes. Subjects in regime 1 received four sessions of individual therapy using EPG for visual feedback (‘EPG therapy’) followed by four sessions of therapy without EPG (‘non-EPG therapy’). Subjects in regime 2 had four sessions of non-EPG therapy followed by four sessions of EPG therapy. Analysis of tongue contact patterns showed that the majority (75%) of subjects had more normal articulatory patterns for /t/ and /or /s/ targets after EPG therapy. Non-EPG therapy had no apparent effect on articulatory patterns for most (92%) subjects. Three subjects (25%) failed to respond to either EPG or non-EPG therapy. The results indicate that EPG therapy has a positive effect on abnormal articulatory patterns in many, but not all, cleft palate speakers with articulation errors. The results also suggest that EPG therapy is more efficient than non- EPG therapy in changing articulatory patterns in subjects with cleft palate.
dc.publisherPlural publishing.
dc.relation.ispartofAsia Pacific Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing
dc.titleVisual feedback therapy using electropalatography (EPG) for articulation disorders associated with cleft palate.
qmu.authorHardcastle, William J.
qmu.authorGibbon, Fiona

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