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dc.contributor.editorCameron, Shona
dc.contributor.editorLeppard, Margaret
dc.contributor.editorShoqirat, Noordeen
dc.identifier.citation(2011) The role of Jordanian hospital nurses in promoting patients' health, , , no. 364, ,
dc.description.abstractBackground/Rationale: In recent years growing attention has been given to health and the development of health promotion within the hospital setting. This is in order to tackle the soaring medical costs and foster health improvement in the population. Given their unique relationship with patients, hospital nurses are urged to promote the patient's health, yet internationally, little is known about their role in health promotion and, specifically, no Jordanian study was found that examines such a role. Purpose of the Study/ Setting: To understand the nature of nurses' roles in heath promotion in a large teaching hospital in Jordan. Study Design/Methods: An in-depth constructivist case study design using a multiple method triangulation strategy was used. The study involved four phases. The first phase examined nurses' role in health promotion using focus group discussions (n=8), non-participant observations and semi-structured questionnaires. The second phase focused on patients' understanding of health and health promotion using focus group discussions (n=8). The third phase examined health promotion from the perspective of hospital stakeholders and a nursing educator. .
dc.publisherVDM Verlag Dr. Muller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG
dc.titleThe role of Jordanian hospital nurses in promoting patients' health

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