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    • Collective directional movement as a cue to social cohesion 

      Wilson, Stuart (2018-08)
      Datafrom three experimental studies (outliers removed). Study1: CDM v static cohesion means for two conditions (hills/coffee; gym/walk) Study 2: CDM v static cohesion means for video clips Study 3: Cohesion means ...
    • ECB08 (original) 

      Scobbie, Jim; Lawson, Eleanor (2008)
      Eastern Central Belt ultrasound tongue imaging corpus. Created in 2008. 15 informants 8 females 7 males Edinburgh and Livingston
    • Prosody in Autism 2002 to 2004 

      Peppe, Sue (2004)
      Children with high-functioning autism are widely reported to show deficits in both prosodic and pragmatic ability. New procedures for assessing both of these are now available and have been used in a study of 31 children ...
    • Vowel Assessment for Systems of English (VASE) 

      Bates, Sally; Hewlett, Nigel; Kaighin, Sally; Sinclair, Alison; Sweet, Jane; Watson, Jocelynne (1999)
      VASE is a single word picture naming task which has been especially designed to assess vowel production in children presenting with developmental phonological disorder. The full assessment comprises 53 line drawings plus ...