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    • ECB08 (original) 

      Scobbie, James M.; Lawson, Eleanor (2008)
      Eastern Central Belt ultrasound tongue imaging corpus. Created in 2008. 15 informants 8 females 7 males Edinburgh and Livingston
    • Bhopal Survivors Movement Study - transcriptions and translations 

      Scandrett, Eurig (2008)
      These data comprise anonymised Hindi transcriptions and English translations of interviews conducted as part of the Bhopal Survivors Movement Study, which started in December 2007 (mostly between December 2007 and September ...
    • Prosody in Autism 2002 to 2004 

      Peppe, Sue (2004)
      Children with high-functioning autism are widely reported to show deficits in both prosodic and pragmatic ability. New procedures for assessing both of these are now available and have been used in a study of 31 children ...
    • Vowel Assessment for Systems of English (VASE) 

      Bates, Sally; Hewlett, Nigel; Kaighin, Sally; Sinclair, Alison; Sweet, Jane; Watson, Jocelynne (1999)
      VASE is a single word picture naming task which has been especially designed to assess vowel production in children presenting with developmental phonological disorder. The full assessment comprises 53 line drawings plus ...