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dc.contributor.authorAlotaibi, Abdulazeem
dc.contributor.authorKarkou, Vassiliki
dc.contributor.authorvan der Linden, Marietta
dc.contributor.authorIrvine, Lindesay
dc.contributor.editorKarkou, Vicky
dc.contributor.editorLycouris, Sophia
dc.contributor.editorOliver, Sue
dc.identifier.citationAlotaibi, A., Karkou, V., van der Linden, M. & Irvine, L. (2017) Movement Therapy Programme with Children with Mild Learning Difficulties in Primary Schools in Saudi Arabia: Links between Motion and Emotion, , vol. 1, , ,
dc.description.abstractMovement therapy, as a body-mind intervention, aims to enable emotional and social changes in children and adults, based on the premise that physical and behavioural changes also facilitate psychological changes and that ultimately further integration is achieved which is the basis of one's wellbeing. The existence of comorbid difficulties and cognitive delays in children with learning difficulties heighten the need to investigate whether movement therapy can indeed enable physical and emotional integration, as relevant literature suggests. This chapter reports on such an investigation involving children with mild learning difficulties in primary schools in Saudi Arabia. A randomized controlled trial was conducted with a sample of sixty (N = 60) primary school male pupils aged 6-9 years with mild learning difficulties. Although the sample was small, findings suggest that group movement therapy may be a useful intervention in enabling integration between observed emotional/social and physical/behavioural markers in children with mild learning difficulties.
dc.publisherOxford University Press
dc.relation.ispartofThe Oxford Handbook of Dance and Wellbeing
dc.subjectMovement Therapy
dc.subjectPerceptual-Motor Ability
dc.subjectEmotional Wellbeing
dc.subjectMild Learning Difficulties
dc.subjectPrimary Schools
dc.subjectRelationship Between Body And Mind
dc.titleMovement Therapy Programme with Children with Mild Learning Difficulties in Primary Schools in Saudi Arabia: Links between Motion and Emotion
qmu.authorIrvine, Lindesay
qmu.authorvan der Linden, Marietta

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