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dc.contributor.authorOberski, Iddo
dc.contributor.authorPugh, Alistair
dc.contributor.authorMacLean, Astrid
dc.contributor.authorCope, Peter
dc.identifier.citationOberski, I., Pugh, A., MacLean, A. & Cope, P. (2007) Validating a Steiner-Waldorf teacher education programme, Teaching in Higher Education, vol. 12, , pp. 135-139,
dc.descriptionThe editors would particularly welcome, in the Points for Debate section, readers' comments on or responses to articles which have appeared in earlier issues of the Journal. These may be in the form of a short paper or letter and should be sent to Stephen Rowland, Department of Education and Professional Studies, University College London, 119 Torrington Place, London WC1E 6BT. Selected contributions will be published at the earliest opportunity.
dc.description.abstractSteiner-Waldorf (SW) education is based on the work of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). It provides a distinctive form of education. There are about 900 SW schools worldwide (Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship, 2006). SW schools in the UK are in the independent sector, but aspire to be state-maintained to reduce the financial barriers to access. This process has recently begun in England (Woods et al., 2005) and is likely to spread across the UK. There is a shortage of SW teachers and state-funding is likely to result in the expansion of SW education and further teacher shortages, unless SW ITE can expand at the same time. The only teacher training course for SW education in Scotland is currently offered at the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School (ERSS, 2006). Although students are continuously assessed on various assignments, completion of the programme does not currently carry any formal credit.
dc.publisherTaylor and Francis
dc.relation.ispartofTeaching in Higher Education
dc.titleValidating a Steiner-Waldorf teacher education programme
dc.description.referencetextBurnett, J. (2005) Tilling the soil of the European higher education area, paper presented at the International Practitioner Research (PRAR) Conference and the CARN (Collaborative Action Research Network) Conference, the Netherlands, 46 November. Available online at: JB___11_05.doc (accessed 5 September 2006). Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School (online) (accessed 23 August 2006). ESCalate (n.d.) Validation of a SteinerWaldorf teacher education programme: auditing the programme. Available online at: (accessed 18 June 2006). QAA (n.d.) Code of practice for the assurance of academic quality and standards in higher education . Available online at: (accessed 23 June 2006). Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (online) (accessed 23 June 2006). Woods, P., Ashley, M. & Wood
qmu.authorOberski, Iddo

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