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dc.contributor.authorOberski, Iddo
dc.contributor.authorNicoll, Kathy
dc.identifier.citationOberski, I. & Nicoll, K. (2005) Constructive alignment in the Teaching Qualification (Further Education) at the University of Stirling, Enhancing Practice. Reflections on Assessment Vol. 1. Gloucester: QAA, , , pp. 132-141,
dc.description.abstractThe Teaching Qualification (Further Education) (TQFE) programme at the University of Stirling is now in its fifth year of delivery and highly rated by its students and by the further education (FE) sector in Scotland. The core programme was initially designed for students already employed in the sector as lecturers, but has more recently also been developed as a pre-service route into lecturing (ie an initial teacher education programme) with student practice placement in FE colleges. To accomplish the TQFE, students must successfully complete six core units, each of which addresses a key area of practice, such as 'The FE context', 'Curriculum Design', 'Assessment', and so on. The programme is offered at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, in full or part-time mode and in face-to-face and distant delivery mode. Once completed, students may enrol on a Research & Enquiry unit, and depending on their prior entry qualifications, this unit allows them to graduate with a degree or a postgraduate diploma with the TQFE.
dc.relation.ispartofEnhancing Practice. Reflections on Assessment Vol. 1. Gloucester: QAA
dc.titleConstructive alignment in the Teaching Qualification (Further Education) at the University of Stirling
dc.description.referencetextBiggs J (2002) Aligning the curriculum to promote good learning, ConstructiveAlignment in Action: An Imaginative Curriculum Symposium, 4 November 2002,[Accessed June 2004] Eraut M (1994) Developing Professional Knowledge and Competence, pp123-127,The Falmer Press, London Foucault M (1979) Discipline and Punish: the Birth of the Prison, Peregrine, London Nicoll K and Harrison R (2003) Constructing the good teacher in higher education:the discursive work of standards, Studies in Continuing Education, 25, 1, 24-35 Scottish Office Education and Industry Department (SOEID) (1997) National Guidelineson Provision Learning to the Teaching Qualification (Further Education) and Related Professional Development, Annex A&B, SOEID, Edinburgh Solomon N, Nicoll K and Edwards R (2004) Rhetoric and Educational Discourse:Persuasive Texts, Routledge, London Tripp D (1993) Interpretation: Creating critical incidents, in Critical Incidents inTeaching: Developing Professional Judgement, Routledge, London
qmu.authorOberski, Iddo

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