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dc.identifier.citation(2016) Non-diabetics Perception and Knowledge of Type 2 Diabetes: A Qualitative Study., no. 104.
dc.description.abstractResearch Focus: This research focuses on Identifying what the general public's knowledge is surrounding diabetes and how they think its complications affect the individual's body. Research methods: This research met the research aim by an extensive study of the relevant literature and the implementation of practical research. The latter was carried out through interviews at a Physiotherapy and Foot Clinic in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Findings: This research produced a number of findings, all participants had the knowledge that there are two types of diabetes, most of the participants had a relative who has been diagnosed with diabetes or know someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes (77%). Most of the participants understood that eating a healthy diet (88.89%) would help to decrease a person's risk of developing diabetes, and 66.67% of participants knew that a poor diet could increase a person's risk in developing diabetes. Overall, knowledge was good, particularly surrounding diet and healthy lifestyle. However, no participants mentioned that ethnic origin would increase a person's risk of developing Diabetes. All participants said they had 'no idea' how much money was spent on Diabetes by the NHS every year. Conclusion: The main conclusion drawn from this research, is that non-diabetic individual's perception of what diabetes is, is lacking in knowledge and detail. Most of the participants knew bits of information but were also lacking in detail, many of them being overwhelmed when told how much money is spent each year from the NHS in treating the complications of Type 2 diabetes. Many of the general public showed key elements of knowledge as to why diabetes is increasing and becoming a big problem in the western world. Recommendations: This research study has suggested that there is a lack of knowledge of nondiabetic individual's as to what diabetes is and how it can affect a persons life, they have knowledge regarding some areas but not in great detail. A wider study could be beneficial to the researcher to indicate whether or not it is appropriate to initiate an educational programme.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleNon-diabetics Perception and Knowledge of Type 2 Diabetes: A Qualitative Study.

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