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dc.identifier.citationBurgum, C. (2017) The effect of sage (Salvia officinalis) on cognitive and vascular function in healthy young adults., no. 72.
dc.description.abstractBackground: Salvia officinalis has been used as traditional medicine for centuries and has been found to have beneficial effects on cognition and vascular parameters. Aim: The aim is to investigate the effect of a daily dose of sage (Salvia officinalis) for twenty eight days on cognitive and vascular parameters in healthy young adults. Methodology: The study utilised an interventional, non-randomised, non-blinded, within-subject study design. A total of fourteen participants (3 male, 11 female) aged 18 to 40 (25.6 ± 4.5) received a daily dose of A. Vogel Salvia officinalis in the form of a tablet. Assessments were conducted at baseline, midpoint and endpoint, where body mass index, blood pressure, heart rate, pulse wave velocity and three cognitive tests were measured. Dietary intake to determine the antioxidant content of the participants' diets were conducted and the antioxidant and phenolic content of the treatment tablet was established. Results: No significant changes were found in body mass index, blood pressure and heart rate at any time point across the intervention. Between baseline and midpoint significant differences were identified in pulse wave velocity (p=0.036), Stroop reaction time (p=0.024) and Stroop time to completion (p=<0.05). Between midpoint and endpoint, Corsi Block Span (p=0.036), Digit Span Correct (p=0.042) and Digit Span Memory (p=0.026) also showed significant differences. Conclusion: The results of this study contribute to previous literature on the beneficial effects of sage on cognitive function, in particular speed, accuracy, attention, short term and working memory, and provide new findings on the potential benefits of Salvia officinalis on arterial stiffness. These results provide a promising direction for potential prevention and treatment mechanisms for Alzheimer's disease and aspects of cardiovascular disease. Key Words: Sage; Salvia officinalis; Cardiovascular Disease; Alzheimer's disease; cognitive function; memory; attention; antioxidants; pulse wave velocity; young healthy adults.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleThe effect of sage (Salvia officinalis) on cognitive and vascular function in healthy young adults.

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