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dc.identifier.citation(2016) Gender In Management Stereotypes: Employee perspectives within a Scottish banking organisation, no. 120.
dc.description.abstractThis research concentrates on gaining further insight into employee perception regarding gender management stereotypes. The aim of this research was to identify whether or not gender stereotyping exists for managers in contemporary businesses with the aid of existing literature and primary data through the use of mixed methods research, focusing specifically on a Scottish banking organisation. Questionnaires and focus groups were used to ensure appropriate and meaningful data was collected for this research project. It is important that the researcher incorporates validity and reliability throughout the research project (Sekaran and Bougie, 2010) to ensure that the research is of good value, trustworthy and replicable. The questionnaire gained a total of 69 respondents while 15 participants were recruited for the focus groups. Convenience sampling and stratified sampling was used to ensure that suitable respondents were located from a pool of easily accessible candidates. This research found that employees of this particular Scottish banking organisation does not have a stereotypical mind-set regarding their managers gender. There was no relationship found between gender of employee and gender or manager, however, it was recognised that the organisations culture and job roles were more feminine based.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleGender In Management Stereotypes: Employee perspectives within a Scottish banking organisation

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