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dc.identifier.citation(2016) The extent to which public service motivation mitigates resistance to change., no. 134.
dc.description.abstractPurpose: The research aims to investigate what motivates people to work in the public service and how that might play a role in employees' perceptions on change management. This study looks into whether people with a high public sector motivation are more likely to support an organisation change over those who have a low public sector motivation. Design/methodology/approach: This study follows a qualitative approach because the aim of the research is to find out about people's views and perceptions of motivation and change. Surveys were distributed amongst city of Edinburgh Council employees and at the end of the data collection period a total of twenty three surveys were collected. Findings: This study provides evidence to show that public sector employees are primarily motivated by intrinsic rewards over extrinsic. Although the change being introduced is not managed well and may not bring benefits to employees, people are committed to the change effort and feel that it is their duty to work towards it. Participants are motivated by the social value their job creates for people and not by personal gains and rewards. Research Limitations: The sample size may be deemed small and therefore has an impact on the generalisability of the results. Practical implications: Enhancing existing knowledge on PSM and change management can help managers to identify the need for effective assessing of organisational behaviour, help manage issues and show how to manage human resources effectively. Originality/Value: The findings contribute to both organisational and management theory which is important for all who work and manage in organisations. The results contribute to the evidence about PSM and change management showing how people are motivated, how groups, teams and individuals function and how the structure of the organisation influences human behaviour. Keywords: Public sector organisations, Public Sector Motivation (PSM), Change, Resistance Paper type: Research Paper
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleThe extent to which public service motivation mitigates resistance to change.

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