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dc.identifier.citation(2017) An investigation into performance management in the veterinary workplace in relation to employee motivation levels., no. 78.
dc.description.abstractThis research project addresses performance management and employee motivation in relation to one another. The project seeks to identify a relationship between the two factors which can then be analysed in further depth to discover what effect performance management has on employees' motivation levels. The study is conducted within the veterinary sector where motivation of employees is of pertinent importance due to the stress, anxiety and depression that is often reported by veterinary employees. An interpretivist paradigm approach is adopted for the research, where qualitative primary data is collected using semi-structured interviews. The participants of the study are veterinary sector employees who were selected using convenience sampling. Key themes are identified and referred to throughout the research project, including: motivation, intrinsic verses extrinsic motivation, employee performance, performance management, job satisfaction and employee value. Through analysis and discussion of the data collected, a relationship between performance management and employee motivation is discovered. This relationship is analysed fully to present relevant conclusions and recommendations. The study concludes that performance management can have a positive effect on employee motivation. It is recommended that managers should be aware of this relationship. Managers should be provided with training so that they can be aware of how best to utilise performance management systems as an effective employee motivation tool.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleAn investigation into performance management in the veterinary workplace in relation to employee motivation levels.

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