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dc.identifier.citation(2014) To what extent has theatre been used, in Scotland, as a means of communicating ethnic minority contribution towards its national identity?, no. 41.
dc.description.abstractThis study will investigate in to the role of theatre as a tool of communication between ethnic minority cultures and the national culture in Scotland. It will explore the concept of national identity in order to understand possible ethnic minority contributions to the identity of Scotland. The study will look at the cultural policies currently in place in Scotland, with particular emphasis on the equalities and diversity policies. The study will also look into how well ethnic minorities are represented throughout different roles in theatre- from managerial roles to practitioners. The aim of this will be to decipher how Scotland is currently valuing ethnic minority theatre. To analyse this, the study explores the theatre output from Citizens Theatre focusing on the response to Refugee Boy (2014) in particular. The study will be conducted using a balance of quantitative and qualitative methods and will be informed by academic literature and previous research relating to ethnic minority involvement in theatre and ethnic minority identities construed through participation in theatre. The study will also draw on government sources and theatre sector reviews to gain quantitative data regarding ethnic minority population. By using such documents the study aims to gage whether debates on inequalities in the sector have any legitimacy. The study will also review an interview conducted between the researcher and lead actor of the play Refugee Boy. The interview will discuss topics such as; identities, the importance of funding BME theatre, audience reaction to the issues of racial inequality within the play, and theatre as a means of promoting social change. The Interview will be justified when cited in the text by relevant academic sources.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleTo what extent has theatre been used, in Scotland, as a means of communicating ethnic minority contribution towards its national identity?

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