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dc.identifier.citation(2015) Community Theatre: Accessibility and Availability across East Lothian., no. 72.
dc.description.abstractThis dissertation set out to explore the accessibility and availability of community theatre across the county of East Lothian. Through doing this, it looked into many factors including what groups currently exist, geographic area, age caps, financial barriers, as well as successes and difficulties. The hope was it would provide a better understanding of the local community theatre scene, and ways to improve it. One of the fundamental studies already carried out in this topic area is by Greg Giesekam, a Lecturer in Theatre Studies at Glasgow University. Giesekam exploration of community and amateur theatre across Scotland provides an informed breakdown of demographics within different areas of the country, and was an incredibly useful tool in narrowing down this report to cover East Lothian (Giesekam 2000). Valuable insights of the local community theatre scene were discovered through the gathering of primary research. An in depth interview with community group leaders, directors and founders offered personal knowledge, opinions and experience. Additionally, quantitative questionnaires were used to compare and contrast numerical facts and figures. Although a minority of East Lothian's community theatre groups were involved, 8 out 11 groups did take part, justifying the findings The data concluded in this research project is the first of its kind within the county of East Lothian. It has shown community theatre to be a widely available and engaging experience, whilst revealing difficulties that limits its accessibility. Although offering advice on further research into the subject, it has provided a preliminary detailed insight into an area previously unstudied.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleCommunity Theatre: Accessibility and Availability across East Lothian.

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