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dc.identifier.citation(2017) How does Kagura, specifically Mikagura, affect the perception of a character when select techniques are applied to the role?, no. 39.
dc.description.abstractThis study explores how specific Mikagura techniques apply to an already existing character, by applying these techniques to the character it is expected that the outcome would reveal their inner wishes and desires to the audience, in turn giving the audience a different perspective of that character. This study is divided into five chapters. The first is an introduction to the study and outlines the three stages of research that I chose to undertake. Section two is the "Historic section" which explores the extensive research and in-depth analysis of Mikagura, this includes the textual analysis of the chosen play The Diver, which helped draw together the considerable understanding required to complete the practical element of this study. The third section of the study was "Process" where I conducted several rehearsals using the Mikagura techniques to explore a chosen scene (Appendix 1) and character. During this process, elements from Kabuki Theatre were added for characterisation. The fourth section "Reflection" focuses on the outcomes and reflective information gathered after a performance of the piece before examiners and an invited audience, this included a question and answer session, and completion of a questionnaire. From the feedback gathered, it was found that most participants had obtained a good understanding of the character but not all interpreted what was expected. Finally, in the conclusion, I reflect on the study and its outcomes, deducing that additional research and training would be required to fully complete this study, along with further experimenting to identifying a better balance between the different forms of Japanese Theatre in order to make the narrative clearer to a Western audience. *All participants/audience have been given information and consent forms and have submitted questionnaires which can be seen in Appendix 3.1, 3.2, 4 and 5.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleHow does Kagura, specifically Mikagura, affect the perception of a character when select techniques are applied to the role?

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