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dc.contributor.authorPeacock, Susi
dc.contributor.authorGordon, L.
dc.identifier.citationPeacock, S. & Gordon, L. (2007) Using Online Portfolios (ePortfolios) as a Tool to Embed Personal Development Planning (PDP) within the Curriculum., , , , ,
dc.description.abstractPersonal Development Planning (PDP) is now being implemented across all sectors of educational provision. Portfolios are an established method of integrating PDP within the curriculum but have had varying and, in some cases, very limited success. EPortfolios afford the opportunity of taking PDP online which may increase the breadth and depth of student engagement (especially by the digital natives). In organisations where elearning is part of the learning landscape, ePortfolios could offer a tool for embedding PDP and enhancing learning. This presentation provides some initial findings from a two-year study which has focussed on tutor development programmes to ensure the effective integration of PDP into the curriculum using ePortfolios. Drawing upon over 30 interviews with tutors and an extensive literature review, it offers a number of critical areas that should be considered when introducing tutors to ePortfolios. Potential models for tutor development which are emerging through the study will also be discussed.
dc.titleUsing Online Portfolios (ePortfolios) as a Tool to Embed Personal Development Planning (PDP) within the Curriculum.
qmu.authorPeacock, Susi

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