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dc.identifier.citation(2015) An exploratory study examining the characteristics, motivations and experiences of Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Clydesider volunteers., no. 87.
dc.description.abstractIn recent years the need for volunteers at mega and major events has increased dramatically and without them such events would not be economically viable. Identifying the personal characteristics, motivations and experiences of volunteers at specific events is becoming increasingly important in order to be able to recruit and retain high quality volunteers. The purpose of this study is to identify the characteristics and motivations of people who volunteered at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games (Clydesiders), and to evaluate their experiences of volunteering as well as assessing their future volunteering intentions. A deductive quantitative approach was used to gather cross-sectional survey data from Clydesiders. A 23 item questionnaire was developed on Survey Monkey and sent electronically to the members of three Clydesider Facebook groups to which the researcher had direct access. 126 questionnaires were completed (42% response rate). 72.8% of participants were female, the most common age group was 54-65 years (30.2%), 31.4% earn less than £10,000 a year and 62.9% have a degree or higher degree. The most popular reason given for applying to be a Clydesider was "To contribute to the success of the Games" with 86.5% of respondents selecting that response. 97% stated they would volunteer at future global sporting events. The majority of respondents strongly agreed or agreed that: their expectations of volunteering as a Clydesider were met; the level of free transport provided was adequate, the training they received prepared them sufficiently for their Clydesider role and that they had accurately estimated how much volunteering would cost them. There is a known connection between motivation and recruitment and satisfaction and retention. This study has generated valuable new evidence on volunteers' characteristics, motivation and experience from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleAn exploratory study examining the characteristics, motivations and experiences of Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Clydesider volunteers.

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