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dc.identifier.citation(2016) An investigation into how residents in Glasgow perceive the social impacts of the Celtic Connections, no. 127.
dc.description.abstractEvents can be organized for a number of reasons; they can exert economic, cultural and social impacts on the host city and its residents. However, although there is a broader in-depth understanding of the economic impacts there is a growing investigation of the social impacts events can result in. This is due to the fact that social impacts are harder to measure because of their intangible nature. This study focused upon the key social impacts that affect residents' perception of The Celtic Connections, a music festival held in Glasgow, January 2016. The research aimed determines the main factors that can influence residents' perception of the Celtic Connections. The research's objectives consist of; to investigate the potential factors that may negatively and positively affect the local residents' perceptions of the Celtic Connections 2016, A comparison of perception between those residents who participated in the Celtic Connections with residents who did not and to investigate whether social class affects local residents' perception of the Celtic Connections. Findings identified that the main factors that influenced residents' perception of the event consisted of; the number of visitors in Glasgow, increased crime, disruption to everyday life and social and moral values. the key aspect that influenced social class and level of residents' participation was community pride, employment opportunities and the use of drugs and alcohol.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleAn investigation into how residents in Glasgow perceive the social impacts of the Celtic Connections

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