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dc.identifier.citation(2017) An Investigation to Determine the Impact Event Design has on the Relationship between Quality and Satisfaction for the Event Attendee., no. 86.
dc.description.abstractThe aim of the research project is going to determine how event design can produce a successful link between quality and satisfaction for the event attendee. Whilst, looking at the relevant literature available to determine if the five senses play an important role in producing a memorable event experience. The subject matter is interesting as it is intriguing to develop and further one's knowledge and understanding of event design, in regards to the overall event experience. This research needs to be carried out as it is valuable to educate other event organisers on the true importance of event design and the relationship between quality and satisfaction, leading to a successful event experience. An extensive quantity of academic research is present within this field, which will be conferred within an in depth literature review. Through this the current theories and frameworks will be identified, which has relation to the overall discussion being made. outlook would be best suited, as it will equip the researcher with a broader knowledge and understanding of the research subject. Whilst allowing additional questions to be inquired, the added information will benefit the researcher and the discussion being made. Thirty structured questionnaires were carried out at the Street of Light event in Edinburgh. From the results gained by the analysed data, it was evident that there is a great importance for event design when producing quality and satisfaction for the individuals attending the event. The results present an idea that sight and sound from the five senses, hold greater influence in the general event experience for the attending individuals. Furthermore, it could be suggested that the satisfaction levels from the attendee's is depended on the general quality of the event. This theory will be in relation to the academic literature and the results being discussed and analysed.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleAn Investigation to Determine the Impact Event Design has on the Relationship between Quality and Satisfaction for the Event Attendee.

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