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dc.identifier.citation(2017) Management and Leadership within Casual Dining Restaurants: The Impact on Employee Satisfaction, no. 88.
dc.description.abstractThis dissertation acknowledges the significance of employee satisfaction within the restaurant industry in impacting upon business efficiency, productivity and perceived customer service. The aim of this investigation is to explore the impact that management and leadership style has on job satisfaction, specifically for food service employees working within casual dining restaurants. Within this research a theoretical framework is constructed which forms the structure and areas of investigation. Consequently, this study explores several areas, including the importance of satisfaction from an employee perspective, factors affecting satisfaction, as well as transactional, transformational and lasseiz fair leadership styles. This research further explores a range of leadership components; namely, relationship, personality, emotional intelligence, recognition, communication and empowerment. The study places importance on the opinions and experiences of the workforce and as such a qualitative approach to this investigation was implemented. Eight semi structured one to one in-depth interviews were conducted with food service employees working within the casual dining sector. Each interview was recorded and transcribed, the data was then analysed thematically through a process of coding and categorisation. This research reveals several interesting findings regarding determinants of satisfaction and the importance of management. One significant finding presented within this investigation is the conclusion that employees desire a mixed methods approach to leadership in regards to a manager displaying both transformational and transactional leadership traits. This research also reveals several valuable findings in regards to leadership behaviour. The most notable include, establishing an informal relationship, displaying extroverted personality traits and emotional control, offering compassion and understanding as well as providing constant informal praise and encouraging employees to use their initiative when dealing with problems. Recommendations for industry practice are provided in regards to enhancing employee satisfaction by improving leadership ability and effectiveness. It is concluded that due to the data sample, the findings generated from the study are particularly valuable for businesses and leaders operating with a younger workforce within the casual dining sector. Finally in order to validate and expand upon the results of this investigation, it is recommended to conduct further research by undertaking a larger study and expanding the data sample.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleManagement and Leadership within Casual Dining Restaurants: The Impact on Employee Satisfaction

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