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dc.identifier.citation(2017) Transforming People, Transforming Organisations? An Investigation of Transactional and Transformational Leadership within Hospitality, examining the UK hotel Sector., no. 101.
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to explore managerial perceptions on leadership style within the UK hotel sector by undertaking a cross section of 4/5 star hotel managers in a range of hotels and managerial positions across the city of Edinburgh. By engaging with both senior managers and operational managers the study was able to witness a variety of perceptions on both leadership styles and the further effects of various leadership styles. These were grouped in two specific ideological process categories, namely transformational and transactional leadership, both greatly studied internationally in respect of hospitality. The application and perceptions behind them would be tested by the researcher in the context of Edinburgh in order to both test existing literature in a new environment and add to the existing discussion. These two concepts would be heavily explored and the clear patterns in their industry application, together with the attitude and perceptions from industry managers became clear. To accomplish the research aim, "To examine manager's perceptions of their leadership style in the Edinburgh hotel industry", a qualitative study ensued where a total of seven managers were responded in a semi-structured interview. Two senior managers and five department heads provided their perceptions on leadership enabling the researcher to ask a variety of questions derived from the extensive review of literature preceding the field research and relevant to the aim of the research. From the interviews, following the usage of thematic analysis, six key areas of interest from managers on the topic. These were, the relationship and perceptions in the fields of academic knowledge, individual leadership style, collective organisation leadership themes, perception of other leadership styles the perceptions of the Implications from Leadership styles and the development of leadership into the future. These six key areas related directly to both the three key research objectives, formulated in order to meet the aim of the research. They enabled, in conjunction with the literature review the completion of three research objectives - that were each to enable the research aim. These being, to examine the different concepts and theories regarding leadership styles, to explore leadership within the hotel industry and to assess manager's perceptions of their approach to leadership within the hotel industry. The findings discovered both transactional and transformational leadership; a clear scale of usage was discovered with senior managers in smaller businesses perceiving transactional leadership as required and larger multinational businesses following a more transformational approach. The findings identified the impact of issues such as staff expectations and demographics on leadership style in addition to examining the implications of transformational leadership in transactional environments. With subsequent recommendations and the view that transformational leadership can positively impact the industry being forwarded by the respondents.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleTransforming People, Transforming Organisations? An Investigation of Transactional and Transformational Leadership within Hospitality, examining the UK hotel Sector.

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