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dc.identifier.citation(2016) The effects of glucomannan on postprandial plasma glucose levels following a fast in young, healthy females, no. 31.
dc.description.abstractCardiovascular disease is a deadly condition that is increasing in the UK and throughout the world. Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a cardiovascular risk factor with the potential to be extremely harmful to a patient whether or not the patient develops cardiovascular disease. The dietary fibre konjac glucomannan, isolated from the Asian konjac plant, has been indicated as a beneficial treatment for a range of cardiovascular risk factors, such as obesity and type 2 diabetes when supplemented into an individual's diet. This research focused on the use of glucomannan as a means of affecting plasma glucose levels (the glycaemic response), particularly the glucose "spike", following a meal. Healthy, young females were recruited to take part in an acute study; a clinical trial consisting of two visit days a week apart. Following 10-12 hour fast, the participants' blood glucose levels were measured, followed by consumption of a test meal with either glucomannan supplement or cornstarch placebo. Glucose measurements were then recorded every 20 minutes over 2 hours. The results did not yield a statistically significant outcome when comparing the blood glucose spike peaks obtained 20 minutes after meal consumption (p=0.08). However, it may be argued that a 1 mmol/L reduction in blood glucose is clinically significant and indicates that konjac glucomannan has the potential to positively affect blood glucose levels, decreasing the risk of development and/or progression of type 2 diabetes. This suggests that the fibre could be an effective tool in the management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which warrants further study in this field. Keywords: Cardiovascular; Diabetes; Fibre; Glucomannan; Glucose; Spike
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleThe effects of glucomannan on postprandial plasma glucose levels following a fast in young, healthy females

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