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dc.identifier.citation(2014) An investigation of horizontal violence amongst nurses and the implications for patient care., no. 84.
dc.description.abstractHorizontal violence is phenomenon that has been widely discussed in the nursing over the past two decades. The term 'horizontal violence' donates to a variety of overt and covert hostile and uncivil behaviours exhibited by nurses towards their colleagues. Although the precise origins of the phenomenon are unknown there are several theories that attempt to account for the particularly pervasive nature of the problem within the nursing profession. A fundamental challenge to advancing the conceptualisation of the phenomenon is a lack of awareness at personal and organisational levels. As a result, despite a plethora of literature regarding the consequences of the phenomenon, it remains unclear the extent to which horizontal violence affects patient care. It is however evident that the proliferation of this phenomenon poses a legitimate threat to patient safety. The author proposes an ethnography to examine horizontal violence in context, in order to contribute evidence from a different perspective and develop a more truthful understanding of the phenomenon's implications. Over the course of approximately 6 months a researcher will become immersed in a clinical setting that is indicated to have particularly high reported levels of horizontal violence. The principle methods of data collection outlined in this proposal are observation and interviewing. It is hoped that the descriptive and interpretive findings will expand the scope of knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon and importantly attract attention and raise awareness of the detrimental implication.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleAn investigation of horizontal violence amongst nurses and the implications for patient care.

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