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dc.identifier.citation(2015) Are there factors within Scotland's rural communities which can affect older people accessing public health services?, no. 52.
dc.description.abstractBackground: Scotland's aging and increasing population (The Scottish Government 2014 a), proposes that primary health care is essential for older individuals to maintain their own good health and well-being. The Scottish Government has a key focus on prevention of illness in the community to avoid and reduce hospital admission, and wants individuals to self-manage their own care (The Scottish Government 2014 c). Literature from similar countries around the world, suggest that factors can affect older individuals from accessing public health services to maintain their own good health and well-being, but there is lack of literature from Scotland itself. This research proposal has been conducted to see if there are factors in Scotland's rural community settings which can affect older individuals accessing their local public health services. Aim: By exploring the opinions of older individuals, this research proposal should effectively identify any factors which may affect well older individuals accessing public health services, to maintain their own good health and well-being in Scotland's rural communities. By identifying if there are factors, this should prompt further research in this field for there to be beneficial implications for practice. Methods: This proposed qualitative, exploratory/descriptive study, would explore older individual's views and opinions on their local public health services, and suggest if there are any factors which affect individuals accessing them. A small sample size, in two different rural locations within one NHS Health Board would be selected for this study, and within each setting, interviews and focus groups with older individuals would be conducted to collect data. Analysis of data would be then be conducted by thematic analysis, followed by a report suggesting findings from data. If factors are identified, then this should be acknowledged and prompt for further in-depth research to be conducted in this field.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleAre there factors within Scotland's rural communities which can affect older people accessing public health services?

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