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dc.identifier.citation(2016) Are Individuals who are living with aphasia as a result of a stroke satisfied with the quality of their communication?, no. 60.
dc.description.abstractBackground: Whilst the incidence of stroke is increasing, the mortality rate is decreasing. This highlights that individuals are more likely to live through a stroke than in previous years. With this, comes the increased incidence of individuals living with long term side effects as a result - one of the main examples of such side effects is aphasia. Aphasia is a disorder which affects an individual's ability to read, speak, write or understand language. Current guidelines state that individuals with aphasia should be provided with adequate support regarding their communication requirements. Furthermore, this is reinforced in the Nursing and Midwifery (NMC) code of conduct and the person centered practice framework. Aims: This research will be conducted in order to establish whether or not individuals who are living with aphasia are satisfied or dissatisfied with their quality of communication following a stroke. Ascertaining this will allow the requirement for further research to be identified. Such research will establish a way in which communication quality could be improved for individuals living with aphasia. Methods: Semi-structured interviews will be conducted with each participant in their homes with the aid of an experienced speech and language therapist. Augmentative communication will be employed in order to aid the participants in the form of Talking Mats. Blank notebooks will be given to each participant in order for them to record any thoughts and feelings they may have following their discharge from hospital when they are settling back in to their home lives. These notebooks will be adapted with emoji stickers as an aid for individuals who cannot write the words in themselves.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleAre Individuals who are living with aphasia as a result of a stroke satisfied with the quality of their communication?

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