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dc.identifier.citation(2017) Research Proposal N 4268, no. 30.
dc.description.abstractThis purpose of this research proposal is to explore the factors which affect peoples' ability to manage T2DM. In order to gain a holistic view of this topic this study aims to clarify the definition of "self-management" through analysing how people with T2DM interpret self-management and also explore the coping and support strategies employed by people who have T2DM. This research should also provide a deeper understanding of the barriers and facilitators people with T2DM encounter when self-managing their condition. This research proposes to use a mixed methods approach in which 1500 questionnaires will be sent to randomly sampled adults with T2DM in Scotland in order to obtain demographic data and gain a brief picture of the reported barriers and facilitators to self-management of T2DM experienced within this population. This data will then be used to develop semi-structured interviews in which 30 purposively sampled respondents will be invited to attend. These interviews should provide a deeper understanding of the factors which affect peoples' ability to self-manage T2DM. It is hoped that the findings of this research can be of benefit to those who highlight issues with their ability to self-manage T2DM. By informing current healthcare policy and guidelines this should hopefully provide better support and education for this group. This would also reduce some of the strain current healthcare services are facing due to rapid increase in people being diagnosed with T2DM each year.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleResearch Proposal N 4268

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