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dc.identifier.citation(2015) Adherence to a Mediterranean Diet and its Relationship with Cardiovascular Risk Factors in a Healthy Population, no. 29.
dc.description.abstractConclusive evidence supports that adhering to a Mediterranean diet can not only promote vascular health but decrease cardiovascular mortality. Its beneficial components have shown significant results on lowering oxidative damage, repairing and protecting against endothelial dysfunction and reducing inflammation to name but a few. The Scottish diet currently lacks many of the foods that would be considered as Mediterranean diet origin, potentially resulting in the high rates of cardiovascular death seen in the Scottish population. This study aimed to determine the association between a Mediterranean diet on a number of anthropometric and physiological markers of cardiovascular disease in a healthy Scottish population. Participants were asked to complete a 14 point Mediterranean diet score questionnaire to assess adherence to a Mediterranean diet. A number of anthropometric and physiological markers were taken, including height (m), weight (kg), body mass index (kg/ ), blood pressure (mm/Hg), pulse wave velocity ( and smoking status. These variables were then analysed against their Mediterranean diet score to determine any significant associations (P= .0.05) using a Spearman_fs correlation test from SPSS 21.0. The study recruited 20 participants, of which 60% (80% (n= 4) of men and 53% (n= 8) of women) could be categorised as following a traditional based Mediterranean diet of .7. No significant associations were found regarding Mediterranean diet score and biomarkers measured with the exception of Mediterranean diet score and pulse wave velocity in men. For this r = -0.900 (P= 0.037) indicating an inverse association. Results from this study can not confirm any relationship between adherence to a Mediterranean diet and all cardiovascular risk factors measured in a healthy population. Keywords: Mediterranean Diet; Cardiovascular Disease; BMI; Blood Pressure; Pulse Wave Velocity.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleAdherence to a Mediterranean Diet and its Relationship with Cardiovascular Risk Factors in a Healthy Population

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