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dc.identifier.citation(2015) Iron Intake In Females Aged 65 Years And Over, no. 24.
dc.description.abstractBackground: Results from the most recent NDNS indicate that the women surveyed are getting sufficient intakes of iron for their age group, with the mean intake being above the RNI. However, many studies have found that many women aged 65+ years are still suffering and still at risk of suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Objectives: To discover the iron intake of females aged 65 years and over through the use of 4 day diet diaries and to compare the results of these diet diaries to the last results from the NDNS and to the RNI and LRNI for iron intakes for women aged 65+. Design: 20 female participants aged 65 and over took part in the study, but excluded those who were vegetarian or vegan or on any kind of medical diet. Volunteers were provided with a copy of a 4 day diet dairy, consent form and information form and an explanation of how to complete the diet diary. A total 20 diet diaries were distributed Results: Overall iron intakes of the participants were better than expected and may be attributed to having nutritional advice from a slimming club. None of the participants had iron intakes below the EAR or LRNI for their age group and the mean intake of participants was more than that recorded in the latest NDNS. Keywords: Iron, diet diary, female, 65+
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleIron Intake In Females Aged 65 Years And Over

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