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dc.identifier.citation(2017) The Relationship Between Energy Drink Consumption and Nutrition Knowledge in Students., no. 30.
dc.description.abstractIntroduction: Energy drinks are a popular beverage amongst teenagers and young adults and are often mixed with alcohol which increases the risk of dangerous behaviours. The student population mainly use energy drinks to increase alertness, enhance athletic performance and increase focus whilst studying. Energy drinks often substitute balanced meals which can increase the risk of obesity and dental caries. Nutrition knowledge is very poor among students therefore further education on this topic would be needed. Aims and objectives: The aims and objectives of this study were to determine the relationship between energy drink consumption and nutrition knowledge in a student population. The objectives were to assess energy drink intake via a questionnaire; to assess nutrition knowledge via General Nutrition Knowledge Questionnaire; and to determine whether there is any association between energy drink consumption and nutrition knowledge. Methodology: This study was a pilot study. A total of 27 participants recruited from queen Margaret university via moderator email and A3 flyers took part. Energy drink intake was assessed using am energy drink questionnaire (Hardy et al. 2017) and nutrition knowledge was assessed through a validated general nutrition knowledge questionnaire updated by Kilemann et al. (2016) (adapted from Paramenter and Wardle 1999). Data was analysed through either Microsoft excel 2010 or statistaical software IBM SPSS 21. Results: The results confirmed that there was no statistical significance between nutrition knowledge and energy drink use (r=0.208, p=.299). This was determined by using a Spearman's rho correlation. Most of the participants consumed less than one energy drink per week. Non-energy drinkers scored higher in the General Nutrition Knowledge Questionnaire than those who used energy drinks. Discussion Overall there was no apparent association between energy drinks and nutrition knowledge in this current study. However, there are not many studies that assess nutrition knowledge among students therefore more research would be required to
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleThe Relationship Between Energy Drink Consumption and Nutrition Knowledge in Students.

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