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dc.identifier.citation(2016) A Workshop Proposal for Women who have Experienced Domestic Abuse to Promote Mental Well-Being and Occupational Balance, no. 110.
dc.description.abstractAccording to 2015 Scottish Government reports, incidents of domestic abuse have risen by 2.5% between 2014 and 2015: 79% are female victims. Abuse within a relationship can come in a variety of forms including physical, financial, emotional and psychological. However all forms appear to have psychological impact upon a woman's life. The impact of domestic abuse remains prevalent after leaving the relationship. Through reviewing the literature to understand the healing experience of domestic abuse, occupational needs of this community were identified. Many women engage in negative coping strategies to 'numb' the pain of the trauma. Through these negative occupations, women's self-worth and identity dissolve: negatively affecting their mental well-being. This has additional implications on their participation in meaningful and active occupations. The review of literature identified support from other domestic abuse survivors to provide a unique and critical contribution to the healing process. This programme development proposes a peer-supported workshop that creates a safe space for individuals to explore their healing experience, learn new occupational skills and coping strategies to enhance mental well-being and occupational balance. Peer-support emphasises mutual experiences to share learnt knowledge, and emotional and practical support. Furthermore, belonging in a group and sharing resources and skills validates and empowers the women during the healing process. An asset-based approach will be used to develop the programme and promote collaboration between the facilitator and participants. The premise of an asset-based approach is to use individuals' and the community's resources and talents to establish a programme: thereby, encouraging community relationship, control and empowerment to achieve well-being. The facilitator anticipates that through connection of a shared experience, participants will learn positive and effective coping strategies and meaningful occupations to manage stressful events and achieve greater well-being.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleA Workshop Proposal for Women who have Experienced Domestic Abuse to Promote Mental Well-Being and Occupational Balance

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