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dc.identifier.citation(2016) Adaptation and Implementation of an Early Intervention Handwriting Programme for Teachers within Mainstream Primary Schools in Scotland., no. 91.
dc.description.abstractAs handwriting is such a complex skill, children struggle to execute tasks to a high standard due to the number of demanding procedures required in order to succeed in the occupation. This may cause frustration and distress which can affect a child's ability and desire to engage within handwriting tasks. Likewise, this may also cause anxiety for parents and teachers. Despite the high standard of literacy teaching in schools, continuous referrals to occupational therapy are made for children who find handwriting challenging, which highlights a need to implement services in order to overcome these barriers to learning. The Scottish Government strives to tackle these issues within the early years in regards to all aspects of education through the use of policy and legislation. This ensures children of all ages, especially within early years are given the right support and that resources are available to ensure they achieve within future occupations. As a profession, occupational therapists acquire the skills and knowledge to provide individuals from diverse backgrounds with opportunities to engage within meaningful occupations in order to succeed within their daily lives. Paediatric occupational therapists aim to support children in order to maximise their engagement, achievement and independence. Occupational therapists are equipped with the skills and knowledge to support a child, their family, other health professionals and educational staff in order to evaluate the challenges and strengths in a child's daily activities. The programme proposal aims to adapt an existing early intervention handwriting programme that was proved to be successful within United States and deliver it to students aged five to seven within mainstream schools in Scotland. The desire is for the programme to display improvements in handwriting performance and receive positive response from participants involved in order for sustainability in the future.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleAdaptation and Implementation of an Early Intervention Handwriting Programme for Teachers within Mainstream Primary Schools in Scotland.

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