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dc.identifier.citation(2016) A proposal for a one-stop programme to support older Singapore residents to transition to retirement., no. 124.
dc.description.abstractFrom an occupational perspective, retirement is one of life's major and important transitions, and affects every day occupational life as one moves from full-time work into a daily life where work no longer dominates. Retirement is often characterised by the process of rebuilding one's occupational identity and competence. Evidence has suggested retirement as either a positive phenomenon with new opportunities and choices or a difficult and disruptive transitional period associated with emotional distress. Laslett theorised that the "Third Age" - which begins at retirement and continues until the onset of disability - offers self-fulfilment, realisation of creative potentials, lifelong learning and service to society. Moreover, in Singapore, there are no programmes or services specifically for older people who are approaching, or new to retirement. Existing retirement schemes focused on the fiscal aspect, and non-fiscal initiatives and plans tend to apply to the general older population, which are not specific to prospective or new retirees. The literature review highlights that retirees only realise the emotional and psychosocial challenges after retirement and reflected that they could have benefitted from better and earlier preparation. Furthermore, retirement preparation and occupational engagement are related to positive occupational adaptions to retirement. Thus, it is an occupational transition which is significant to occupational therapy. Occupational therapists are well-placed to prepare and support older people in occupationally meaningful retirement using a preventative and community-based approach aimed at identifying needs, providing guidance in information gathering, encouraging active decision making and forward planning, and educating about the importance of engagement in occupations. Therefore, this programme development proposal aims to provide a one-stop programme to support older Singapore residents who are approaching retirement or are new retirees to transition to retirement.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleA proposal for a one-stop programme to support older Singapore residents to transition to retirement.

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