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dc.identifier.citation(2016) A Proposal for the Development of a Post-Discharge Transition Programme using Skype™ for Individuals with Stroke in Singapore, no. 147.
dc.description.abstractTransitioning from hospital to home after being diagnosed with a stroke is a challenging period of time. The sudden and unpredictable nature of stroke often causes stroke patients and caregivers to be unprepared to return to daily life. As stroke affects many aspects of an individual, long-term disability is common and rehabilitation is required for most patients. Individuals with stroke commonly identified needs relating to participation in daily occupations at home and in the community. Occupational therapy is a profession that enables individuals to participate in activities of daily living. Despite the availability of outpatient rehabilitation services, lapses in discharge coordination and misconceptions of therapy has led to low utilisation of these services. This is detrimental to the individual with stroke as intensive rehabilitation is recommended during the first six months after a stroke. Currently, there is a lack of programmes for stroke patients in Singapore transitioning from hospitals back to their homes and outpatient rehabilitation. Skype™, an online application used to connect people at different locations through video calls, can be used by occupational therapists based in hospitals to provide transitional support for individuals with stroke at home. The programme development plan outlines the provision of occupational therapy support, through Skype™ video calls for stroke patients and caregivers, during the transition from hospital to outpatient rehabilitation, in Singapore. This aims to improve the transition experience, maximise occupational participation and increase the uptake of outpatient rehabilitation.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleA Proposal for the Development of a Post-Discharge Transition Programme using Skype™ for Individuals with Stroke in Singapore

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