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dc.identifier.citation(2017) An exploration of factors contributing to social exclusion for all children in the school environment., no. 100.
dc.description.abstractThis proposal has explored one of the key contributing factors to social exclusion in the school environment; children's attitudes and perceptions. The literature review looks at factors that influenced the children's attitudes and perceptions, towards a hypothetical peer, who presented with an additional need. In the last decade, there has been an increase in the number of children who have an additional need, attending mainstream primary school. However, despite this move towards physical inclusion of these children, it was alluded to in the review, that this does not necessarily result in social inclusion for all children. The information gathered from the literature review gave insight into both the prevalence of negative attitudes and perceptions towards children with an additional need, and it highlighted some of the contributing factors. However, as the literature review was carried out with hypothetical peers, it did not give any insight into what this would mean in a real-life context, with real children. Additionally, the impact negative perceptions and interactions can have on children's social engagement with the occupation of school was not discussed. Thus, the research proposal aims to explore and understand the socio-cultural causes of exclusion in the classroom and how these effect social engagement. The proposed study will be qualitative and adopt an ethnographic approach. The study will recruit one classroom of children between the ages of 9-11 years old (primary 5, 6 or 7) in one mainstream primary school in Scotland, using observation, field notes and interviews to collect data. The data will be collected and analysed using a triangulation of methods and themes will be developed. The author hopes that this proposal will work towards achieving social inclusion for all children in the future, through further research, practice interventions and policy changes.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleAn exploration of factors contributing to social exclusion for all children in the school environment.

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