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dc.identifier.citation(2017) Divergent Thinking about Objects in the Grasslands of Curiosity., no. 87.
dc.description.abstractThe current study investigates if and how curiosity can influence divergent thinking about objects when processing information for survival relevance. A total of thirty-six participants were asked to complete alternative use tasks (AUT) scenarios, generate uses of an object with regards to the four scenarios and complete a surprise recall task. The four AUT scenarios were selected based on their curiosity level which was determined by an online survey; there were two curious and two non-curious scenarios. The recall performance and the problem focus of each scenario were studied as exploratory variables. Post-test measures showed an association between curiosity and divergent thinking as well as survival and divergent thinking; however, no effect of the problem-focus upon divergent thinking. Furthermore, neither curiosity, problem focus nor survival contexts influenced the recall performance. The methodological limitations are discussed along with possible explanations for the obtained results; a suggestion of other proximate mechanisms and future research directions are also given. Keywords: Adaptive Memory, Survival Processing, Divergent Thinking, Curiosity, Information Seeking, Problem focus
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleDivergent Thinking about Objects in the Grasslands of Curiosity.

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