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dc.identifier.citation(2017) How are Lineup Decisions and Strategies Affected by Memory Quality and Method of Presenting Lineup Members?, no. 53.
dc.description.abstractErroneous eyewitnesses have caused wrongful convictions due to incorrect identifications ( Hence, many believe that if the structure of lineups is redesigned incorrect identifications can be reduced because the presentation of the lineup influences the decision maker to partake different decision strategies such as absolute and relative judgements (Kneller, Memon & Stevenage, 2001). We are interested in whether the method of presentation interacts with memory quality to affect correct identifications. In our sample, lineup type did not influence correct identifications, incorrect identifications or rejections. We did find that as memory quality improved the rate of correct identifications, such that participants were 2.42 times more likely to make a correct identification if their memory was moderate versus poor (p < .001). However, a good memory quality did not improve correct identifications compared to a moderate memory quality (p > .05). Critically, memory quality and lineup types did not significantly interact with correct identifications. Keywords: sequential lineups, simultaneous lineups, relative judgements, absolute judgements, confidence, memory quality
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleHow are Lineup Decisions and Strategies Affected by Memory Quality and Method of Presenting Lineup Members?

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