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dc.identifier.citation(2015) Kinship care; An Exploration of the Lived Experiences of Grandparent Kinship Carers in Mid Lothian, no. 43.
dc.description.abstract"Kinship care - An exploration of the lived experiences of grandparent kinship carers in Mid Lothian" looks at grandparent kinship carers in Mid Lothian. The project aims to distinguish the lived experiences and what it means to be a grandparent kinship carer in the area of Mid Lothian, Scotland. The method used for this research was semi-structured interviews, this method allows participants to express themselves freely and tell their story by the use of a prompt at the start of the interview and the use of open ended questions to get detailed in-depth answers. The use of semi-structured interviews as the method was appropriate as it allowed the participants to articulate their experiences, views and emotions in their own way. Four main themes were identified within the research these include: Decision Making Process, Health Issues, Poverty and Housing Issues and Advice and Support at the First Point of Contact. These themes all interrelate with each other and embody the experiences of many grandparent kinship carers. Findings include a greater need for consistency and continuity in the advice and support that is given to kinship carers by social workers and the local authorities. Other factors include the need for a fair and consistent allowance for all kinship carers, this should be an entitlement and not viewed as a benefit. One dedicated point of contact for kinship families should be assigned in the first instance of kinship care to establish a relationship and trust to ensure the best outcome for all the family.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleKinship care; An Exploration of the Lived Experiences of Grandparent Kinship Carers in Mid Lothian

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