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dc.identifier.citation(2016) Investigating the cultural differences in teaching style between state and public schools within the Lothians: a qualitative enquiry, no. 48.
dc.description.abstractIntroduction: It has often been found that state and public schools produce different educational outcomes for their students with a wide attainment gap between upper and lower class pupils. There are many things surrounding this such as cultural and historical background, class and gender issues. With further differing perspectives such as the correlation model, Tubular flow model and the model of internalised statistical structures producing different theories as to the cause. Methodology: So the aim of the experiment is to assert whether or not there is a difference in teaching styles between state and public schools, as well as investigate possible issues which may account for differences in attainment. Going by the perspective of internalised statistical structures the researcher has chosen a constructivist ontology with a social interactionist epistemology. As well as a phenomenological method of study leading to the use of observation and phenomenological focus group. Ethical guidelines are here followed to the letter. Yet there are still some short comings, namely the lack of representative sampling and the fact that other factors that may affect educational outcomes are not taken in to consideration. Analysis: After analysing the results it was found that there was a cultural difference brought on by a difference in approach which gives more freedom to it's pupils within the public school when compared to state school, differences in time available, class sizes as well as the cultural capital brought with them by the pupils. The language used by public school teachers was also notably different as it was much more nuanced than that of the state school teachers. Conclusions: What has been found is that there may be a cultural difference in teaching style brought on by historical differences which has created a difference in approach that has been further shaped by the difference in cultural capital. As well as a vast difference in funding between the two types of school, gender issues, as well as classroom size and the pressures of the curriculum which may have an effect on attainment.
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleInvestigating the cultural differences in teaching style between state and public schools within the Lothians: a qualitative enquiry

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