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dc.contributor.authorBovill, C.
dc.identifier.citationBovill, C. (3907) How Can Research Enhance Practice in Higher Education? Exploring practical ways of utilising 'enhancement' research..
dc.description.abstractThe First Year Curriculum Design Project is one of a number of projects commissioned as part of the 'First Year' Enhancement theme in Scotland (see the Enhancement Themes website). This project shares with other research, the challenge of how to best enhance practice on the basis of research findings. This workshop will include a brief overview of the enhancement themes and the work of the first year curriculum design project. This work will then lead to broader discussion of different possible ways of using research to engage staff and students and to better enhance practice, and to move us on from the view of enhancement as a 'messy business-_riven with difficulties' Newton (2002). The workshop discussion will focus on issues such as: the most useful formats that research can be disseminated in to ensure they influence and enhance practice; and what researchers and practitioners can do to make it more likely that research can lead to enhanced practice. It is intended that the outcomes from this workshop will inform ongoing discussion among Project Directors and the Steering Committee of the First Year Enhancement Theme. It is also intended that the workshop outcomes will influence the format in which the first year curriculum design project will disseminate its findings.
dc.titleHow Can Research Enhance Practice in Higher Education? Exploring practical ways of utilising 'enhancement' research.
dc.description.referencetextEnhancement themes website. 2006. Available: Accessed: 20th January 2007 Newton, J. 2002. From policy to reality: enhancing quality is a messy business. LTSN Generic Centre Paper. Available: Accessed 20th January 2007

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