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dc.identifier.citation(2015) How do single rooms influence the wellbeing of the older adult during a hospital admission?, no. 97.
dc.description.abstractThis research proposal aims to investigate the influence single rooms may have on the older adults wellbeing during a hospital admission. Hospital design is changing towards a higher prevalence of single rooms (Scottish Government 2008) and in order to determine the suitability, patients need to be included in the research process. This study wishes to investigate factors influencing the participant's wellbeing during a single room stay. Potential participants will be invited to take part in the study while they are still in hospital. The participants wishing to participate will be interviewed to gain qualitative data on whether or not the single room has affected their wellbeing. In addition a deeper understanding into factors influencing their wellbeing will be explored and finally their thoughts, opinions and perceptions of single rooms. Constant comparative data analysis will occur until theoretical saturation has been reached. The results from this study hope to provide nurses and other healthcare professionals (HCP) with information into what it feels like from the patient's point of view. It will provide HCP with the necessary evidence to plan and coordinate care with the appropriate interventions. The findings will help predict whether or not further research is needed. Keywords: Hospital design, single rooms, multiple occupancy rooms (MOR), wellbeing, older adult, loneliness, isolation, privacy, sense of security, patient satisfaction, safety, advantages, and disad
dc.publisherQueen Margaret University
dc.titleHow do single rooms influence the wellbeing of the older adult during a hospital admission?
dc.description.facultyNO DIVISION

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